Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, all our events are being rescheduled to a future date.  Please visit us at a later date for more updates on our events.

TBC | Johannesburg, South Africa | Venue : Hilton Sandton

The Oil & Gas Digitalisation in Sub-Sahara Africa Conference will serve as a platform to navigate this rapidly evolving digital landscape, bringing together CEOs, CIOs, VPs of Operations & Production, Heads of IT, Engineering Solutions & Advanced Analytics Directors and Asset Managers, with investors and innovators.

IoT, Big Data, AI, Cloud, Blockchain:  every new digitalisation technology brings a promise to completely redefine the hydrocarbons industry and generate new untapped business value. How are oil & gas companies navigating the change and ensuring they derive maximum benefit from it? The Oil & Gas Digitalisation in Sub-Sahara Africa Conference aims to clarify precisely this question. 


Apr 2020 | Cairo, Egypt | Venue TBC

Infrastructure investment and development is an absolute priority for the current Egyptian government. By 2040 Egypt’s population is expected to have grown by 60% (from the current population of 97.5m to 161m). According to the G20’s Global Infrastructure Outlook (December 2018) Egypt will require a huge injection of investment over the next 20 years (USD $675bn) to develop its infrastructure needs.

The accelerated digital disruption currently transforming the built environment means that developing infrastructure on such a scale needs a whole new methodology. Investment needs to focus on the right technologies, to ensure what is built today will still be economically viable, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable tomorrow.

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