East Africa Financing Affordable Housing

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Rapid urbanisation, population growth and increasing affluence are just some of the contributing factors for a booming demand for housing in the region. Cities are growing. African based cities will dominate the list of those achieving megacity status over the next two decades. The accelerated urban transition means increasing numbers of citizens are looking for appropriate housing. Kenya’s own housing shortage is currently estimated to stand at 2 million units.

Open Africa, in partnership with Kenya Green Building Society, will host an exclusive round table discussion to explore the topic. The event has been specifically designed to bring together key stakeholders from across the regional built environment industry, to discuss the major challenges and opportunities. The full value-chain will be represented: Policy & Planning Specialists, key NGO’s, Developers, Financiers, Architects, Engineers, Real Estate Professionals and relevant sub-contractors.

The agenda for the event will address a range of issues:

  • Strategies to reduce the cost of mortgages & raise funds for investment in large scale house projects
  • Market updates from across East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Ghana)
  • Cutting the cost of construction by using innovative techniques & materials
  • Attracting specialist property developers to work in the region
  • Housing as a ‘tool’ to ensure cities becoming inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

TUESDAY 29 OCTOBER 2019 | 09H00 – 14H00

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