Financing Power & Water Projects

Translating the potential of Africa into economic success depends on the ability of stakeholders to work together to develop the continent’s huge energy capacity (in particular power & water). Securing the level of finance needed to fund the overhaul of Africa’s utilities infrastructure network is absolutely paramount (estimates suggest there is $40bn a year infrastructure funding gap deficit). 

Policymakers across the continent are looking to the private sector to play an enhanced role in providing the funding for capital-intensive infrastructure projects. As a result financing models underpinning project development are changing rapidly. This roundtable will focus on the appropriate financing mechanisms (in particular PPPs) to procure and develop major power & water projects and services.

Kigali is the obvious location for this event. Rwanda’s landmark achievement in developing one of Africa’s first infra-related PPP projects (Kigali Bulk Water Supply Project) is an example which other will follow

The agenda for the event will address a range of issues:

  • Reviewing East Africa’s future power & water needs
  • How do you make PPPs work for efficient power & water supply?
  • Outlining investor appetite to fund transformative projects in power & water
  • Borrowers outline future funding requirements  
  • Utility sector as an enabler for local content in Rwanda

Wednesday, 9 November 2019 | 09H00 – 14H00

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