Financing Water Projects

18 July 2019
Namibia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry (MAWF) is allocating 25% (N$ 494.8 million) of its annual budget in 2019/20 to develop water infrastructure and potable water provision.


The event is designed to focus on the building and maintaining of ‘best-in-class’ water assets across Namibia. The roundtable will provide the MAWF with a specialist industry platform to illustrate how the national water sector will be developed over the next 5-10 years.


The roundtable will cover the full range of issues connected with the preparation and delivery of water related infrastructure (in Namibia and the wider region). The event will draw on proven regional strategies that effectively facilitate the integration of public sector resources and private sector finances (to develop water infrastructure and build resilience through better water management).


A key focus of the event will be on the appropriate financing mechanisms (in particular PPPs) to procure & develop major water projects and services. And how such mechanisms could successfully be applied (given Namibia’s current market needs & requirements).


Key areas to be addressed include:
    • Managing fragile water systems
    • Sustainable water management (best practice case studies)
    • Opportunities for bulk water PPPs
    • Outlining investor-appetite to fund projects in the water sector
    • Regulatory mechanisms to accelerate private sector investment
Thursday 18 July ’19 | 09h00 to 14h00 | Invitation only
Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino, Windhoek, Namibia

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Due to popular demand, open registration is now officially closed

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Registration & networking                     


Welcome Address: Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry


Presentation: Managing fragile water systems, building resilience & developing new assets

Abraham Nehemia, Chief Executive Officer, Namibia Water Corporation


Panel session: Making PPP’s work for efficient urban water supply

Johannes Shipepe, Chief Economist, PPP Directorate, Ministry of Finance

Archie Chiromo, Principal Investment Officer African Development Bank

Walid Madwar, Vice President, Business Development, Metito Utilities

Moderator: Claire Tucker, Head of Public Law & Regulatory, Bowmans




Presentation: Security of water supply in Namibia through seawater desalination

Ashton Drummond, Business Development Manager, Nasafi Water


Panel session: Outlining investor-appetite to fund projects in the water sector 

Mthokozisi Ncube, Water Sector Specialist (Investment Support Unit), DBSA

Dr. Uwe Stoll, Director, Kfw (Namibia)

Mark van Wyk, Director (Siza Water and Silulumanzi), SA Water Works

Senior Representative, Nafasi Water

Moderator: Dr. Günter Lempert, Specialist Water Treatment Consultant, Aquarius Consult


Panel session: Integrated sustainable water resource management (best practice case studies)

Pierre van Rensburg, Strategic Executive for Infra, Water & Tech Services, City of Windhoek

Raldo Kruger, Water Programme Analyst, GreenCape

Maria Amakali, Director, Directorate of Water Resource Management, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry

Moderator: Jospehine Shikongo, Head: Finance & Administration, BFS Fund Manager



Event Speakers

Archie Chiromo

Principal Investment Officer, Water & Sanitation Department

African Development Bank

Dr. Günter Lempert

Specialist Water Treatment Consultant

Aquarius Consult

Jospehine Shikongo

Head: Finance & Administration

BFS Fund Manager

Claire Tucker

Head of Public Law and Regulatory


Dr. Mthokozisi Ncube

Water Sector Specialist (Investment Support Unit)

Development Bank of Southern Africa

Raldo Kruger

Water Sector Analyst 


Dr. Uwe Stoll


KfW (Namibia)

Mark van Wyk

Director (Siza Water and Silulumanzi)

SA Water Works

Walid Madwar

Vice President, Business Development

Metito Utilities

Maria Amakali

Director: Directorate of Water Resource Management

Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry

Johannes N. Shipepe

Chief Economist, PPP Unit

Ministry of Finance

Ashton Drummond

Business Development Manager

Nafasi Water

Abraham Nehemia

Chief Executive Officer


Pierre van Rensburg

Strategic Executive: Urban and Transport Planning

City of Windhoek

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