Open Africa has announced the Kenya Green Build Society (KGBS) as its official supporting partner for the Affordable Housing East Africa Round Table (scheduled for April 30th in Nairobi).

KGBS is one of the region’s leading supporters of environmentally sustainable buildings, advocating the development of energy efficient properties across Kenya. With the need for adequate housing substantially increasing in Kenya (and beyond), the regional green building is being charged with the task of effectively integrating these large-scale housing projects into the wider built environment in a sustainable way.

Rapid urbanization and population growth are just two of the contributing factors causing a huge demand for affordable housing in the region. The accelerated urban transition means increasing numbers of citizens are looking for appropriate housing.  Kenya’s own housing shortage is significant and has led to President Uhuru Kenyatta announcing plans to develop 500,000 “decent, affordable” homes in the next five years.

Open Africa’s event has been specifically designed to bring together key stakeholders from across the regional built environment industry, to discuss the major challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The full value-chain will be represented: Policy & Planning Specialists, NGO’s, Developers, Financiers, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, and relevant sub-contractors.

We invite you to register your interest to attend here and understand if you qualify for a complimentary VIP invite to attend.

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