Developing and financing major projects in Africa’s energy sector is a complex process, involving numerous participants. With so many parties involved, how can you make the right choices when it comes to selecting the right project partners and, most crucially, securing investment?

Instrumental in delivering a bankable project is the ability to secure a competitive financing solution. Only by successfully addressing this challenge will energy scarcity in the region begin to be eradicated.

The financing models underpinning project development in the energy sector are changing rapidly. To learn more about how emerging market countries are financing power projects, please read this article by ESI Africa which illustrates case study examples of projects, which have secured a lower cost of debt, for a longer-term and higher amount of borrowing that would have been otherwise achievable. (Source: ESI Africa)

Opens Africa’s Financing East Africa’s Energy Plans roundtable will provide a great platform to discuss many of the key issues integral to delivering bankable projects. Join 60+ VIP attendees who will debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities for financing and developing energy projects in East Africa.

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