Accessible, reliable & affordable energy is absolutely integral to economic and social development across Africa. Over 600 million people across the continent, still lack access to regular electricity. The private sector is increasingly being encouraged and incentivized (by political stakeholders) to address the situation. Major commercial opportunities now exist for investors who are willing to invest and help remedy the energy deficit in Africa.

Energy security has improved across the continent in recent years, with the number of people without energy access in sub-Saharan Africa falling for the first time in absolute terms in 2018 (with Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda leading the way).

Rwanda, in particular, has emerged as one of the most progressive hubs for clean and sustainable energy deployment in East Africa. The choice therefore of Kigali, as the host city, for Open Africa’s upcoming Financing East Africa Energy Plans roundtable (on May 28th) is particularly appropriate.

The country was ranked fifth globally among countries that have created opportunities for investments in clean energy, according to the Climatescope findings (published by leading energy analysts BloombergNEF in 2018). The country has set a target of all homes to be connected to electricity by 2024.

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